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Giuseppe Esposito - Ricciol's

Giuseppe Esposito

Young Neapolitan stylist and modelist, stands out for his experience and inventiveness when creating trendy and quality models in the field of men's shoes.

Many are the firms who have chosen to avail themselves of his cooperation and professional value, considering that everything is cared for even in the smallest detail, thanks to traditional techniques, always offering that value of craftsmanship that distinguishes a product of superior class.

When he was very young he decided to follow in his father's footsteps, modelist to a bespoke Neapolitan shoe company.

Giuseppe shows immediately a great passion and superior skills, starting from the making of moulds and bottoms, to arrive very quickly to the choice of materials and their combination.

In this way, he specialized in the technique for the creation models, soon becoming responsible for the styliing of some Italian shoemaking companies.

Today, he is successfully in charge of different men's collections, with modern and very trendy lines, always with an eye on the research for innovation, according to a perfectly Italian Style.

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